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About Museo di Capodimonte

When you plan your visit to Museo di Capodimonte, you must know that it is one of the largest museums in Italy and is dedicated to art. Museo di Capodimonte is an art museum that was established by Charles of Bourbon in 1738 to accommodate the fantastic art collection he inherited from his mother,Elisabetta Farnese,the last descendant of the sovereign family of Parma It is located in the Palace of Capodimonte in Naples,Italy.

This is one of the greatest attractions of Naples and a must visit for any ardent lover of art and architecture.The Museum is divided into 3 floors.The first floor displays the works for Elisabetta Farnese,which includes mostly Roman sculptures.The second and the third floor demonstrates the works of artists like Caravaggio,Raphael,Titian,El Greco,Simone Martini,Lorenzo Lotto and Masaccio from the 13th to the 18th century.Museo di Capodimonte was inaugurated as a national museum in 1957 after the termination of the Monarchy.

Plan Your Visit to Museo di Capodimonte

Location & Timings
How to Reach
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Location: The Museo di Capodimonte is located in Via Miano, 2, 80131 Napoli NA,Italy ; inside the Palace of Capodimonte overlooking the bay of Naples and the city.

Timings: The ground floor gallery of Museo di Capodimonte opens its gates from 8.30 am and closes at 7.30 pm.The 1st and 2nd floors operate between 10 am and 5.30 pm.The Museum remains closed on Wednesdays.

  • Bus: The closest bus stop to the museum is Tondo di Capodimonte. Tourists can take buses 168,178,204 and C63 from Costantinopoli and get off at the Tondo di Capodimonte bus stop is located 220 meters away from the museum.

  • Metro: The closest metro station to Museo di Capodimonte is the Napoli Piazza Cavour.The museum is located at a walking distance of 20 minutes from this metro station.

  • Taxi: Tourists can also avail taxis to reach Museo di Capodimonte.The distance between Naples and the museum is 7 kilometers and takes around 10 minutes to be covered via taxi.

The best time to visit Museo di Capodimonte is during the off season of Winter(November to February).Tourists choose this time of the year to make the trip cost effective.Hence,it is advised to plan your visit to Museo di Capodimonte in Winter to avail low fare flights and cheap accommodation rates.

One of the facilities that is made available for the tourists is the hourly Shuttle bus service.This shuttle service takes passengers back and forth to the museum.Tourists can use this facility for a small amount of money.

Tips to visit Museo di Capodimonte

  • One of the most notable masterpieces of Museo di Capodimonte is the “Flagellation of Christ” by Caravaggio.It is considered to be one of the most famous pieces in the museum and should not be missed.The rare and beautiful Farnese Collection along with a small porcelain display is also unmissable.

  • Spread over an area of 134 hectares of garden space,Museo di Capodimonte requires 4-5 hours to be covered,indoors and outdoors.Hence,tourists are advised to plan their itinerary accordingly.

  • The transformation of the museum from the past to the present day is quite evident. New changes have been added to the museum and its premises,like the addition of a modern bookstore.Tourists can buy souvenirs from here for their friends and family back home.

  • Since this property was a hunting ground previously, do not forget about taking a stroll when you plan your visit to Museo di Capodimonte.It has 5 mesmerizing major walk paths and almost a 100 picturesque minor walkways to indulge in the calm and serene surroundings.

  • You should not miss out on a tour of the royal apartments when you plan your visit to Museo di Capodimonte.These regal but still somewhat less majestic abodes were country residences to the Bourbons.


What is the best time to visit Museo di Capodimonte?

The best time to visit Museo di Capodimonte is during the Winter(November-February)because the flights are obtainable at a lower price,accommodation rates are cheaper and various discounts are available at markets and stores.Travelling in winter is also a great way to enjoy the indoor galleries and museums.

Why should I visit Museo di Capodimonte?

Tourists should visit Museo di Capodimonte to experience the magnificent array of artworks of famous artists like Macassio and El Greco.The Farnese collection by Elisabetta Farnese,mother of Charles of Bourbon is also considered quite rare and exquisite.

How long does it take to visit Museo di Capodimonte?

An indoor tour of Museo di Capodimonte takes around 3-4 hours to come to an end but if tourists want to take a stroll in the picturesque garden of the Palace of Capodimonte along with the indoor tour,then they can expect an additional couple of hours.

Is it worth visiting Museo di Capodimonte?

Yes it is absolutely worth visiting Museo di Capodimonte in Naples when visiting Italy.This museum is one of the main attractions of Italy and houses an uncountable number of antiquities including paintings and artworks from the 13th-18th century including works of the famous Caravaggio and Raphael.

Is the Museo di Capodimonte tour open now?

Yes,the tour of Museo di Capodimonte is open now.It remains open from 8.30 pm and closes at 7.30 pm everyday except on Wednesdays. Although the first,second and third floor opens at different times,one should be able to get hold of the time when they enter the museum and ask about it to the staff.

Is Museo di Capodimonte wheelchair accessible?

Yes,Museo di Capodimonte is entirely wheelchair accessible.All the surfaces in the museum are suitable for people on wheelchairs.


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